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Our unique approach

Business Circle Program

... is a set of techniques for business process improvement. It looks like a game but it is a learning methodology that uses your senses as well as your emotions and your critical thinking skills. Let's play!

The game starts with you and your business. The goal is to build an invincible Business Model (Growth Engine System) you understand, control, and replicate. Can you do it? Yes, you can.

In our program, we associate a Business with a Journey where you, as the founder, are the explorer. From this perspective, Business Circle is strategy game that focuses on two Journeys: (1) First Journey – Explore the “Leadership World” and connect the entrepreneur with the inner-leader. (2) Second Journey  – Map the Business World and connect the explorer with the business model and customers.

The Mission – Build Routes between different zones of the Inner World and Business World. Be aware of red flags (threats) and look for green flags (opportunities).

Business is a Journey, you are the Explorer, and "Business Circle" is the Game... not a simulation, but a Real Game.

The game “Business Circle” challenge you to navigate the wilds of your business and have fun. To survive the wilderness, you need to be strong leader – control yourself, increase clarity and focus. Our goal is to help you build a solid Self-leadership Manual. To control the journey keep your skills sharp, and have a map of where you’re going. The game will help you craft an easy to follow Business Map.

Are you ready to play The Game?

The Method - How Business Circle works?

Business Knowledge Management System

(1) Visualize, Analyze and Strategize. (2) Plan, Act and Measure.

(1) Use the game Business Circle to visualize and wire all the knowledge you have and need to have to build a reliable and flexible Business Infrastructure so you can control the dynamics of the decision flow.

Using Visual, Analytical, Critical, and Creative Thinking, Business Circle helps you build a comprehensive Knowledge Management Center System (KMS), a Control Panel of your business; Leadership Manual and Business Map.

(2) The program Business Circle generates tasks and an action plan for each canvas to help you finish activities in a sensible order. You have a framework for thinking about how you’ll complete a project efficiently and ensure that you don’t miss any key steps.

You have a big picture  of the entire project from beginning to end, look at each task in greater detail and measure each decision you make.

The Method

5 Canvases and 2 Worlds to explore: Leadership World & Business Jungle

Section#A / Self-Leadership / 3 Canvases


Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do

Why do businesses fail? If you’re willing to strip away all the excuses, explanations, rationalizations, and justifications for business failures, and be really honest in your analysis, you’ll find only one plausible reason -poor leadership. – Mike Myatt

1. Inner Matrix

#Connector 1 – Connect You with Yourself. Before starting the journey understand who you are: your challenges, resources, and potential.

(1) Mission: As an entrepreneur, you are on a journey to explore and conquer the “World of Business.” In the beginning, you have a limited amount of vital resources: TIME, MONEY, and KNOWLEDGE.

(2) Our goal is to help you manage available resources in the best possible way. You will understand how the relation between “HAVING” and “BEING” can help you work with the limited resources you have.

(3) This canvas generates an easy to follow “to-do” list and an Action Plan you can control and measure.

2. External Matrix

#Connector 2 – Connect with the social environment you and your business are thriving.  

(1) Mission: As an entrepreneur, you are on a mission to bring a DREAM to life – your business.You must be aware of society’s social preferences regarding its needs and wants. These preferences, needs and wants are influenced by a population’s values, beliefs, and practices.

(2) Our goal is to help you understand and  control the socio-cultural environment.  You and your business model reality should adjust to the collective reality so you can grow and connect with the community.

(3) This canvas generates a set of decisions you may have to take.

3. Self-Leadership Manual

(1) Mission: As an entrepreneur, you are on an adventure. The world of business is a jungle full of unpredictable events you should able to control. You have to establish goals, stay focus, be determined, and control behaviors for your own performance.

(2) Our goal is to help you build a robust Personal Belief System and not let the fears consume you.

(3). This canvas should help you build your personal Leadership Manual.

Section#B / Business Map / 2 Canvases

The business map visually  describes how the company is positioned within its industry’s value chain, and how it organizes its relations with its partners, clients, team players in order to generate profits. The business plan translates this positioning in a series of strategic actions and quantifies their financial impact.

4. Customer Validation

#Connector 4  – Connect your business model with prospects, buyers, and users.
(1)  As an entrepreneur, you should bridge the idea with the business model and the business model with the prospects.  The challenge is to transform prospects into buyers and build a community of loyal customers with minimum costs possible.

(2) Our goal is to help your business meet the characteristics, specific needs, and preferences of your user persona and buyer persona.

(3) This canvas generates the profile of the user persona and buyer persona.

(4) Important KPI’s:  Customer Acquisition (CA), Customer Retention (CR), Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV)

5.Business Map

#Connector 5  – Connect your business idea and concept with the business model

(1) As an entrepreneur, you have to understand all the components of the business process (model). Business is a living entity, and you have to control the dynamic of the items and how they interconnected in decisional flow.  

(2) Our goal is to help you see the “Big Picture” of your business (static analyze) and build an easy to follow Roadmap (dynamic analyze). Visualizing the processes helps you get a better understanding of how your business functions, as well as your strengths/opportunities and weaknesses/threats.

(3). This canvas generates Routes (trips), Red/Green Flags, and Action Plans. 

(4) Important KPI’s: Cash Conversion Cycle, Sustainable Growth Rate, Quick Ratio (Acid Test Ratio).


Ready to play the game?

Discipline. Plan. Strategy. Business.

Use our strategy game and interactive coaching program to clearly understand you, your business model, customers, create better products, and scale.

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