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Book a hands-on workshop to build a flexible business model and a custom marketing strategy around your purpose.​

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Hi, I’m Florin Diumea (FD) the creator of Bright Business Model and I'm ready to work with you and your business.

Are you ready to start your own business? Are you trying to turn your purpose and passion into an income source? Or are you an existing business owner trying to reshape an old business model and a dated marketing strategy? Are you struggling to scale a successful business?

Regardless of your situation, please fill out the form and start the conversation.

A successful modern business model needs forward-thinking and strategies to minimize initial risks, control the entire business journey, and leave room for future growth.

I’m determined to work with you build an Accountable Action Plan.

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I am available to facilitate "Bright Business Model" workshops around the world. Are you interested in designing a purpose-driven business model and a marketing strategy for the new economic environment? Please book a meeting to plan our first steps.

How Bright Business Model Works



About Program

THE JOURNEY: The Program is structured into four sections (journeys): 1.Bright Entrepreneur→ 2.Bright Leader→ 3.Solution Matrix → 4.Bright Business Matrix. Step-by-step, we’ll set the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), build an Accountable Action Plan, and measure the results.

THE METHOD: We use the power of “2×2 Design Thinking Matrix” to capture, understand, and control the dynamics of the entire business model.

We’ll approach each topic of the journey using critical, analytical, creative, and visual thinking to frame the Challenges and Opportunities (WHY), find the most efficient Solution (WHAT), and craft a Method/Algorithm (HOW) to generate the most effective Action Plan. We design a sequence of decisions and actions that move you from the Current State to the Future State with minimum resources in a limited amount of time.

Bright Business Model - Canvas
Bright Business Model - Canvas



You'll learn ...

  1. How to position the Purpose at the core of the business model.
  2. Why Bright Entrepreneurs matter.
  3. How to Build your Inner-Leadership Manual using the Inner and External Matrices.
  4. How to Validate your Idea, Concept, and Customers before you craft a Purpose-Centered Product.
  5. How to design a Sequential Decision Spiral that captures the entire journey from the Current State to the Future State to the End of the Journey (Final Exit).
  6. How to build a Business System that generates a series of Accountable /SMART Action Plans.



Join if you want to:

  1. Increase Sales or generate the First Sales
  2. Improve your Business Performance.
  3. Scale or Pivot an existing Business Model.
  4. Craft a smart Exit Strategy.
  5. Build a Winning Branding-Marketing-Sales
  6. Strategy connected with the entire Business Environment.
  7. Start a new Purpose-Centered business for the “new normal” (modern) world.
  8. Adapt your business model to unpredictable economic changes.
  9. Build emotional bridges with your market.
  10. Add your purpose before the profit to your growth strategy.



What you'll do

Step 1 – You’ll write your Purpose—Mission, Vision, and Values. You’ll frame the “Why” behind the business actions and build the most valuable marketing asset: TRUST.

Step 2 – You’ll write your Inner and External Matrix to understand (1) The connectivity between being and having more (2) How to control sources of influence and how to be a valuable resource.

Step 3 – You’ll validate your existing product or concept. You’ll craft a perfect value proposition.

Step 4 – You’ll use a unique method – Sequential Decision Flow and Archery Metaphor to build and execute a Master Action Plan structured in four panels:

  1. Panel 1: Product- (1) How to create and offer value (2) How to price and monetize/collect value (3) How to attract resources HR/Financial 
  2. Panel 2: Sales – (1) How to brand your product (2) How to market your product (3) How to sell your product.
  3. Panel 3: KPIs – (1) Measure Customer Satisfaction (2) Measure your business performance (3) Measure your personal satisfaction.
  4. Panel 4: Next Level or Exit – (1) Scale (2) Sell (3) Franchise.

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The Bright Business Circle Program (BBC) empowers entrepreneurs with all the tools they need in this challenging business environment: A coherent educational program, a community, and fundamental marketing tools.

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