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Bright Business Model -The Why

Why Brsiness

“Brsiness” is a portmanteau blend of the words “bright” and “business.”

It is a creative and unique term that highlights the core concept of combining brightness and business acumen. The term “Brsiness” represents the idea that business should not only be focused on profitability and growth but also on creating a positive impact, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability.

By blending the words “bright” and “business” into “Brsiness,” it emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurial endeavors that are forward-thinking, ethical, and purpose-driven. It reflects the belief that businesses should strive to be not only successful but also socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

“Brsiness” serves as a call to action, urging individuals to bring brightness and innovation to their business practices and make a meaningful difference in the world through their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Challenge the current
business paradigm

Start a business revolution morphing your goals into a purpose beyond profit.


Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for enlightenment and a celebration of life. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, enabling you to become more than you ever thought possible. By infusing purpose into your business, you’ll find practical ways to positively impact the world while achieving fulfillment and success.


Rather than solely focusing on financial gains, shift your perspective to consider the broader implications of your business. Ask yourself: How can my business serve a higher purpose? What positive change can it bring to customers, employees, communities, and the environment?


By aligning your goals with a purpose beyond profit, you open up new possibilities for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

Purpose-driven businesses have the potential to attract loyal customers, engage passionate employees, and forge impactful partnerships. They also have a greater ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and build resilience in the face of challenges.


To start your own business revolution, begin by clarifying your overarching purpose. What values and causes resonate with you? How can your business contribute to solving societal or environmental issues? Once you define your purpose, infuse it into every aspect of your business, from product development and operations to marketing and customer experience.


“Business should be a true manifestation of your purpose, a path to self-discovery and connection with nature - a path to enlightenment. Otherwise, business is a selfish manifestation of your ego and you are a monkey-mind entrepreneur driven by fears, pleasure, and an inferiority complex; you’ll always have something to prove, something to chase - you are trapped in a rat race.”

Purpose-Driven Vs.
Monkey Mind-Driven Entrepreneurs

Bright entrepreneurs are guided by a purpose that enlightens their path, while selfish desires blind dark entrepreneurs. Choose to be bright and purpose-driven in your entrepreneurial journey

The concept of the monkey mind, originating from Buddhism, refers to a restless, unsettled, and easily distracted state of mind. In the context of entrepreneurship, the term “monkey mind-driven entrepreneur” represents someone who lacks focus on their business’s purpose and instead becomes consumed by the pursuit of money and power. These individuals are prone to external distractions and are driven by fear and pleasure.

In contrast, a purpose-driven entrepreneur remains steadfastly focused on the purpose of their business and does not lose sight of their ultimate goal. They prioritize the manifestation of their business’s purpose over short-term gains and external temptations. By staying aligned with their purpose, these entrepreneurs are able to maintain clarity, make thoughtful decisions, and navigate their journey with a sense of direction.

To avoid falling into the trap of the monkey mind-driven entrepreneur, it is crucial to remind oneself of the purpose behind the business continually. This requires self-awareness, discipline, and a deep understanding of one’s values and motivations. By maintaining a clear vision and staying connected to the purpose, the purpose-driven entrepreneur can overcome distractions, make conscious choices, and stay on track toward their ultimate goal.

Ultimately, the choice between being a monkey mind-driven entrepreneur and a purpose-driven entrepreneur lies in recognizing the importance of focusing on a higher purpose beyond mere financial gain. By embracing the path of purpose, entrepreneurs can find fulfillment, create positive change, and build businesses that have a lasting impact.

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