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Bright Business Online

Join me for interactive classes from the comfort of your home.

2-Month Business Accelerator

Improve your business performance with Bright Business Online, a transformative 2-Month Online Community Business Accelerator. Strategically map your growth journey.

Why you should join the Community Business Accelerator — Bright Business Online

8 Interactive Live Classes

When you join Bright Business Online you unlock the opportunity to engage 8 hands-on powerful classes.

Personal Digital Whiteboard

Following the second class, you gain exclusive access to a personalized digital board to chart and strategize your unique business journey.

Printed and eWorkbook

Upon joining, you’ll receive a valuable package that includes both a printed copy of the workbook and the convenient digital eWorkbook.

Makeup Zoom Classes

We are committed to your learning journey, and if necessary, we’ll provide complementary makeup classes based on the needs of the class.

Bright Business Online — Orientation Class

Join us for an exciting in-person event, the Bright Business Oceanside — Orientation Class! Get ready to dive into the world of business and unlock your potential. During the Orientation Class, you will explore the secrets of successful entrepreneurship, learn innovative strategies, and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, this event is designed to help you thrive.
Discover new opportunities, network with like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment. Don't miss this chance to take your business to new heights! Join us in shaping a brighter business future! #BrightBusinessOceanside

Hear from local entrepreneurs about their experiences and insights:

The Bright Business Model is a fabulous series of classes for the business novice and professional. Encourages critical thinking in an open forum combined with lecture. Florin is an excellent instructor and has a track record of setting businesses on the course to success. This class is great for discovering your purpose, for those struggling with their business, or those who are just getting started. Good for trouble shooting and diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in your business and what steps to take to overcome business and mindset challenges to ensure success. I’m sad this class has ended- we all became close and I wish Florin and his wife bountiful blessings on the road ahead. — Dawn Schultz

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Bright Business Oceanside — FAQ

The Bright Business Program encompasses three essential elements: the transformative Bright Business Model, comprehensive learning tools, and the dynamic Bright Business Accelerator. Supported by a network of B2B professionals, it empowers purpose-driven entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses.

Startups innovate, disrupt, and scale rapidly, often seeking external funding. Community accelerators foster local business growth, connecting SMBs with resources and collaboration.

Strategizing the business journey equips entrepreneurs with a roadmap for success. It aligns goals, anticipates challenges, and maximizes resources. By planning strategically, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, adapt to changes, and ensure their ventures thrive in a competitive market.

The 2×2 Human-Centered Matrix provides a map of the 6 Critical Questions, aiding focused action planning. It enhances efficiency using the Principle of Least Action.

The program is facilitated in partnership with the City of Riverside.

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Bright Business Online


🎙️ Florin Diumea



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2 hours per class

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Bright Business Online

Class 1

Orientation Class


Class 2

Bright Business Method

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Class 3

Purpose Matrix

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Class 4

Inner-Leadership Matrix

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Class 5

Pain/Solution Matrix

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Class 6

Business Matrix

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Class 7

Design Your Business Journey

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Class 8

Communication Strategy

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Graduation Ceremony



Download the eWorkbook and enroll now for an 2-Month  In-Person  Business Accelerator.  Don’t miss this opportunity to strategize your business journey!

Business Accelerator Quests

8 Hands-on Classes or Quests

Tangible tools to help you build a winning purpose-driven business
+ build a community of bright entrepreneurs

Topics we'll cover

What is a Bright Business?

What do you and your business stand up for? Elevate your mindset and position your Purpose at the core of the business. Use the Bright Business Model: Purpose → Business → People → Environment → Profit →  Meaningful Life.

Use the Power of Matrix to Control the Decision Flow

Business is a journey from the Current State to the Future State  that requires decisions and actions aligned toward your goals. You’ll use the power of matrix to focus on what matter and build an accountable action plan.

Purpose Matters

Our voyage commences with finding and positioning your purpose at the very core of your business model and communication strategy. We’ll take a holistic approach, embracing the Principle of Oneness, delving into system thinking, and uncovering the practical and financial value that your purpose holds. Together, we embark on this transformative path!

Write your
Leadership Manual

Businesses do not fail. Leaders do. Connect with your Inner-Leader. Understand and control the Inner Matrix, the environment (External Matrix), and build your Personal Belief System (PBS).

Design your Bright Business Model

Control your business components (Static Analysis). Understand and control the dynamic of the components and what impact the decision chain makes (Dynamic Analysis).

Build Your Communication Strategy

Branding, Marketing, and Sales are part of the business communication strategy. You capture, transform, and offer data according to the customer’s persona’s behavior during and after the buying journey. Use the Lead Generation and Conversion Cycles to deliver the right message at the right time.

Explore Bright Business Riverside 1

I would recommend Florin Diumea and his Bright Business Methodology to all entrepreneurs, new and established. The program should be taught in a 12-month business and graduate school program. It was easy and fun to follow. The instructor Florin Diumea is extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and take their businesses to the next level. Focus on the right areas of their business and work “on” their business for a thriving future instead of continuing to work “in” their business where they may be merely surviving.

My experience through this program has been great. There was a lot of great and helpful information that was shared to help me improve my small business. Florin Diumea has been a great instructor who has helped me better understand how to improve the structure of my business. I would strongly recommend the Bright Business Model.

This workshop and the Bright Business Methodology is perfectly fit to help businesses find their purpose and augment, enhance or clarify their plan. Being a part of the initial cohort is a privilege. As a business owner and leader of people I am always seeking out news ways to sharpen the saw. The Bright Business workshop and curriculum provides exactly what I need!


Florin Diumea (FD)

I'm the creator of the Bright Business System, on a journey to elevate businesses' behavior from profit to purpose.

I bring order and harmony to the chaotic landscape of small businesses. My passion lies in helping individuals become more efficient, organized, and value-driven, with a strong emphasis on optimizing time and energy.

Ready to shake things up? The Bright Business Model is your ticket to transforming your business from ordinary to extraordinary. Packed with brilliant strategies, it propels you towards unstoppable growth and positive change. Say goodbye to the mundane and embrace a business that rocks the world.

I bring you the innovative 2×2 Human-Centered Matrix Thinking (2×2 HCMT). This system unleashes your creativity, revolutionizing the way you plan and structure your business. It’s not just about success; it’s about reclaiming your personal freedom and living life on your terms.

I’m here to be your accountability partner, providing the clarity and focus you need to conquer a business challenge.

Being a founder or leader can be a lonely journey. That’s why I offer my support as a neutral sounding board, helping you flesh out ideas and conquer obstacles. Together, we’ll create a legacy that leaves a lasting impact.

I thrive on connecting with fellow visionaries, small businesses, founders, and intrapreneurs. No matter your business needs, I’m here to rock your world and help you unleash your true potential.

Get ready to challenge the existing status quo!

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