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Implement the Bright Business Operating System: When you join the Club, you have access to a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, dedicated business experts, and learning tools to build a thriving business operating system and manifest your purpose.

Uncover the Power of Bright Business Operating System

Reasons to Join

Bright Business Operating System

Let’s talk focus:

This easy to use method will help you stay laser-focused on what truly matters.

Business Lab

Let’s talk confidence:

Our Business Lab is your confidence-building partner on your business journey.

Mastermind Group

Let’s talk growth: 

The System is here to stay from start to the exit and help you and your business grow.

B2B Professionals Club

Let’s talk resources:

During the business journey you’ll need resources you can relay on.

The Journey

Learn, brainstorm, and navigate the business journey with confidence.

Join a simple and proven method that addresses each key component of your business system. During the monthly B Lab classes (10 classes per year) and through the ongoing mastermind/accountability group, you’ll generate accountable action plans to continuously improve both your business vehicle and your journey.


Navigating from Idea to Exit with the Bright Business Operating System

Say goodbye to all your DIY business improvement tips and tricks, on-demand video tutorials, and random workshops. Whether starting a new business venture, pivoting, or scaling, being part of a live interactive business ecosystem and a purpose-driven community is a game changer. Now you have the tools to generate traction and attract quality stakeholders. We help you control the business journey, build confidence, and stay accountable.

The Rationale Behind the Bright Business System

Crafting a thriving business requires mapping the business journey and implementing an adaptable system, all while continuously learning and enhancing. This hinges on consistent training and a strong accountability program — Choose to expedite your business growth or adopt a gradual scaling approach—the choice is yours.

Bright Business Operating System

(1) Position your Purpose at the core of the Business Model (2) Build your Inner-Leadership Manual (3) Validate the Solution (4) Design a Thriving Business Strategy.


Find and position your purpose at the core of the Business Model.

Build a Purpose-Centered Business

Learn how and why you should start the business strategy with your  purpose.

Brsiness Diagram and Business Model

Learn how to position your purpose at the core of the business model.

Build Your Business Definition

Learn how to define your business paradigm and escape the old business trap.

2. Inner-Leadership

Connect your business venture with your life purpose controlling the Internal  and External Matrix.

Internal Matrix

Learn how to balance your personal resources and challenges with your goals.

External Matrix

Learn how to manage and work with existing factors of influence to reach your goals.

3. Solution Matrix

Validate your Idea, Solution, Customers, and Product to avoid unpredictable failure.

Validate the root cause of the need/challenge

Understand the job prospects are trying to accomplish and the root cause of the challenge.

Validate the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP)

Before investing in product development, validate the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). Who is your user, buyer, and banker?

4. Business Matrix

Business Matrix is a system and a method created to help you design your business model, set your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and build a SMART Action Plan.

The Elements: Canvas, Panels, Modules, Lead and Conversion Cycles​

Define the key elements of your business and understand how they interact within the business model.

The Method: Decisional Spiral, Matrix, SMART Action Plan, and Archery Metaphor

Build a sequence of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), set the critical points, and build a master action plan.

How we work


Learn.  Each lesson explains the why, what, and how of a specific topic.

Experiment. The course helps you build a system (tree) of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) around the main goal and craft an accountable master action plan.

Brainstorm. When you join Bright Business Circle (BBC), we bring everything to life through live brainstorming in our bi-monthly webinars and online private Facebook groups.

Write it down. The learning experience uses reflective activities to help you make the connections to your specific challenges. Writing is a method of reflection and one of the most effective ways to deepen your professional impact. You will write your Business Paradigm, Inner-Leadership Manual, and Bright Business Model.

Human-to-Human events. As a member of Bright Business Community, you’ll be invited to our special events and bootcamps.

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