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Bright Business Model Discovery Class

Learn how to Bridge your knowledge gap now and own your business evolution with the Power or of Purpose and Matrix Thinking




Hi, I’m Florin Diumea (FD)

I’m a veteran entrepreneur and creator of the Bright Business Model and 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix.

The Bright Business Model is packed with intelligent business improvement strategies that enable you to transform your business from simply operating into a thriving, growing, positive force of change. 

The 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix (2×2 DTM) is a system of visually creative thinking models. They enable you to create the perfect strategies to grow your business with minimal resources in any economy in the shortest amount of time. 

The 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix (2×2 DTM) enables planning business structure, leaving you with more personal time, energy, and freedom to live the business life you deserve.

Join me at the Bright Business Model — Discovery Class to learn about the program and how it applies to your business needs.

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Bright Business Model
Discovery Class


July 16th

Time PST

7:30 AM - 9.00 AM


90 Minutes





According to entrepreneurship data, 32% of small business owners have only taken a few business classes, while most (46%) don't have any business education.
200 Voucher Bright Business Program

The First 10 Participants
Will Receive a $ 200 Voucher for the
"4-Month Intensive Learning Program"


What our Graduates say About us.

This workshop and the Bright Business Methodology is perfectly fit to help businesses find their purpose and augment, enhance or clarify their plan. Being a part of the initial cohort is a privilege. As a business owner and leader of people I am always seeking out news ways to sharpen the saw. The Bright Business workshop and curriculum provides exactly what I need!

Verious Smith III - CEO Startempire Wire

Awesome Instructor and an awesome class with beautiful individuals taking this course. Although my physical condition hindered me I could not have asked for a better instructor than Florin Diumea. 5 stars

Tawny B.

Florin has created an amazing program to help people create purpose-driven businesses. I've learned so much attending his course! I had no idea what I didn't know until I came to his class. Everyone who wants to open a business or wants to improve their business or wants to get more involved with their community would greatly benefit from using Florin's Bright Business Model. I would definitely recommend Brsiness!

Gloria Gonzalez Pierson

Excellent course!! Easy to understand and very interactive, as a small business owner it’s hard to find classes where you can understand the terminology used, Florin goes above and beyond to make sure everyone understands the concept. Thank you so much for what you do!!

Ame Alvarez

Who is Bright Business Program for?

Small businesses that need to adapt their current business model to withstand future economic change, industry challenges, supply chain issues.

Business owners with a knowledge gap in leadership, sales strategy, or building a management team.

Business owners feeling under the pressure of stress and time management.

Business owners without formal business training that want to learn proper business strategy.

Marketers wanting to present their products or services from an ethical/responsible perspective.

Leaders looking to develop more purpose-driven, responsible, creative teams and organizations. 

Managers who want to sharpen their thinking and add purpose before profit to their growth strategy.

Business owners needing to structure their business for a real exit strategy and retirement. 


Class Content

This  is a 90 minutes general presentation of the Bright Business Model and the Program. At the end of the class you can onboard in a 4 Moth Intensive Learning Program – Bright Business Program.


Section 1. Intro

  1. The Story behind the Bright Business Model and the Program
  2. Why Businesses fail?
  3. How this program can help. Why You should join the program?

Section 2. Method: Concept,  Metaphor, Tools, Process.


  • Bright Entrepreneurs: Aware, Adapt, Confident
  • Bright Vs. Dark Entrepreneurs
  • The new Business Paradigm
  • 5 Focus points of a Bright Entrepreneur
  • Impact of Bright Thinking on your business

Metaphor – Journey

  1. Journey 1: From “Me Having to Me Being More” and From “Me to Us Being More”
  2. Journey 2: From the Current State to the Future State. You are a bright entrepreneur and an explorer beyond profit (money is just a resource, not the final destination).  

Tools: 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix (2×2 DTM), Action-reaction Diagram (ARD)

  1. 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix (DTM) Design, Critical, and Visual Thinking
  2. 5 Questions that holds the Matrix: WHY, WHERE/WHEN, HOW, WHAT, WHO
  3. Elements of the Matrix: Current State, Future State, Passive Thinking point, Active Thinking Point, Holder.
  4. Validate the Matrix
  5. Examples of matrices: Having-Being, Business System-Drive, Product-Sales
  6. 2×2 DTM is the BRICK to build the business environment
  7. 2×2 DTM is the COMPASS to help you navigate from CS to the FS with minimum resources in a limited amount of time.
  8. 2×2 DTM hands-on practice to build an accountable Action Plan.
  9. Canvases and Visual Thinking — capture the actual complexity and the dynamic of the business elements within the business and the impact of the external factors.
  10. Explore “The Sequence of Matrices” and learn how to prioritize your decisions and actions to build a winning decisional algorithm. 

The Process

  1. Find and position the elements of the matrix in place: Current State, Future State, Passive Thinking Point, Active Thinking Point, and the User of the Matrix.
  2. Use the canvas as a visual tool explore the best option to improve, innovate, disrupt an existing situation.
  3. Validate the options: doable, important, and urgent.
  4. Prioritize and build a sequence of actions and decisions.
  5. Use the Matrix to build the SMART action plan.


Section 3. Topics, Matrices, Canvases, and Action Plans

  1. Purpose Matrix
  2. Inner-Leadership Matrix
  3. Solution Matrix
  4. Business Matrix
  5. Marketing Matrix

Section 4. The Closing Session

  1. Q&A Session
  2. Enroll in the 4-Month Bright Business Program; only 20 seats are available.

This course is presented online or in-person, in collaboration with a Bright Business facilitator. The goal of the class is help busy entrepreneurs learn how to move from the Current State to the Future State with minimum resources in a limited amount of time.

In 90 minutes we can deliver only a limited amount of information, so if you see value for your business you are welcome to join a 4-Month Intensive Learning Program — Bright Business Program. 

Step 1: Join a Discovery Class

Bright Business Model – Discovery Class cover the topics of the model delivering hands-on tools to improve your business model. 

Step 2: Bright Business Program – 4-Month Intensive Learning Program. The program is delivered  Online or In-Person.

At the end of the Discovery Class you are invited to join an intensive learning program with 8 classes, 2 hours each class and graduation event. 

Step 3: Mastermind Group.

After the graduation of the 4-month program you can join the mastermind group.


3 Easy Step Process to build a thriving business and a meaningful life without burnout and confusion.

Validate the Concept. Use the Metaphor to set the Journey. Use the Toolkit to build your Strategy. Follow the Three-Step Process to elaborate an algorithm and an efficient action plan with ease. ​

Focus on what matter! Build a 2×2 Design Thinking Matrix for YOUR business to set the focus points.

Based on your own 2×2 DTM… design, plan, and strategize, using the Bright Business Model Canvases and the Toolkit

Build an efficient action plan that will help improve innovate, and disrupt with minimum resources invested in the shortest time possible.

Enrollment is limited to only the first 50 participants for the best training experience possible.

What the 90-Minute Discovery Class is About

Explore the 2x2 Design Thinking Matrix and the 5 Topics every business owner should master

What is a Bright Business?

What do you and your business stand up for? Elevate your mindset and position your Purpose at the core of the business. Use the Bright Business Model: Purpose → Business → People → Environment → Profit →  Meaningful Life.

Use the Power of Matrix to Control the Decision Flow

Business is a journey from the Current State to the Future State  that requires decisions and actions aligned toward your goals. You’ll use the power of matrix to focus on what matter and build an accountable action plan.

Purpose Matters

Business is a journey from the Current State to the Future State  and requires a set of tasks, decisions, and daily routines aligned toward your main goal. You’ll build a Sequential Decision Spiral composed of a chain of matrices (2×2 Thinking Matrices).

Write your
Leadership Manual

Businesses do not fail. Leaders do. Connect with your Inner-Leader. Understand and control the Inner Matrix, the environment (External Matrix), and build your Personal Belief System (PBS).

Design your Bright Business Model

Control your business components (Static Analysis). Understand and control the dynamic of the components and what impact the decision chain makes (Dynamic Analysis).

Communication Strategy

Branding, Marketing, and Sales are part of the business communication strategy. You capture, transform, and offer data according to the customer’s persona’s behavior during and after the buying journey. You’ll use the Lead Generation and Conversion Cycles to deliver the right message at the right time.

Join Bright Business Discovery Class,
and learn how to increase bottom line performance

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