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How to Build a Bright Business System and a thriving business without burnout

Bright Business System 7 Steps
Follow the Seven Fundamental Steps to help you build a thriving business system.

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Follow the Seven Fundamental Steps to help you build a thriving business system.

Before marketing and sales, let’s have a holistic look at the entire business environment:

1. Frame your Purpose: Why are you in business? – Your Purpose will ignite your Passion, give you the drive and strength to move on in challenging times, and help you stay focused. Your Purpose will help you define your business’s core values and find the meaning of your life. 

2. Validate the product and build the Business Model around your Purpose – How does your business work? – The Business Model captures three elements: (1) How you create Value (2) How you offer the Value (3) How you monetize the Value. 

3. Build the Strategy around the Business Model: What should you do to reach your goals? Remember to set the goals first.

4. The Strategy needs tactics to move from planning to accountable results – Build the Action Plan: What, when, how, and who will do what to accomplish OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Set the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the results. 

5. Tasks and daily routines – How you execute the Action Plan to accomplish your key results.

6. Your Behavior defines the quality of your actions – “being more” is the key to “having more.”

7. Your Behavior is a reflection of two inner forces: your Personal Beliefs System and the Mindset. 

Following the reverse engineering of this sequence, the conclusion is straightforward and full of wisdom: “The more you are, the more you have.”

Before pushing sales, take a moment and think about improving yourself—Start the entire business venture with one thing: You “being more” by improving your Behavior and Personal Beliefs. 

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