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Why Bright Minded Entrepreneurs are the ultimate warriors?

Bright Entrepreneurs
You are a bright business warrior engaging in an ultimate fight to lay hold of a new business paradigm—balancing the “being more” and the “having more” driving forces.

The Bright Business Model is a coherent, comprehensive, and straightforward training program dedicated to Bright Minded Entrepreneurs who put purpose at the core of their business strategy. 

Entrepreneurs’ Ultimate Battle: Balance the “BEING MORE” and “HAVING MORE.”

Florin Diumea

You are a bright business warrior engaging in an ultimate fight to lay hold of a new business paradigm—balancing the “being more” and the “having more” driving forces. To get this done, all you need to do is focus on your business’s purpose. Only your purpose can unite these two driving forces. How you frame the purpose around “we” (you and your community/environment/cause) and how you stand up for the “we” is the ultimate challenge. The entire “Bright Business Program” is built around one goal: growth beyond just profit.

The Tribe

There is a tribe. It is a tribe of bright entrepreneurs, warriors seeking the meaning of life beyond the profit in this challenging world. Rewriting the old paradigms and breaking new ground with passion and a sense of survival, while embracing the unknown.

Bright Entrepreneurs Diagram
Bright Mind Entrepreneur’s Venn Diagram

Bright Mind

When we talk about a bright mind in business and entrepreneurship, we’re speaking of cognitive flexibility as it relates to one’s business, clients (or customers), and purpose.

Cognitive flexibility “is an intrinsic property of a cognitive system often associated with the mental ability to adjust its activity and content, switch between different task rules and corresponding behavioral responses, maintain multiple concepts simultaneously and shift internal attention between them” (Wikipedia). For our purposes, cognitive flexibility explains how awareness, adaptability, and confidence is incorporated into a thriving, responsible business model. Let us explore how awareness, adaptability, and confidence help bright entrepreneurs.


Awareness talks about the ability of someone to be alert to the changes in one’s environment in the business world, and how it will affect one’s business enterprise. It helps the bright entrepreneur to pay close attention to the increased or decreased options—which may include a shift of supply and demand, changes in customer taste and desire—in any particular situation, and at any point in time (Bilgin, 2009; Gündüz, 2013). Every bright entrepreneur should cultivate the ability to think about and proffer solutions to more than one item/problem at any time. Bright entrepreneurs can consider multiple variables simultaneously to chart their course into unlimited and profitably smart businesses.


This quality—on the other hand—relates to the overall ability of an individual to adapt to different conditions and circumstances while still doing the right thing. As a bright entrepreneur, you must learn to adapt to new environments and situations without having the perception of loss. Moreover, cognitive flexibility allows the bright business entrepreneur to learn from past mistakes and use the lesson to adapt to future situations.


Confidence is another major ingredient of cognitive flexibility. Confidence is a “must-have” state of mind to be a Bright entrepreneur. Your personal beliefs (beliefs about yourself, others, the world, etc.) are the foundation of your confidence. Whether they are positive beliefs or negative beliefs, they can affect your business and life decisions. Your personal belief system should help you build confidence in yourself and your Purpose so you can generate a clear sequence of actions toward your goal.
When you are confident, you stand up for your Purpose, Skills, and Passion. You have the drive to move on. When you believe in your Purpose, you are confident, and you build TRUST— this is the best Marketing-Selling Strategy.


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